Thursday, September 13, 2007

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Exercise 19

Species: Shan Lu a.k.a. “Susie”

This rare species of Susie descends from Chinese ancestry as part of the Lu Family. She generally displays a calm demeanor and enjoys social interaction. During most times of the year Susie can be found in the Pacific Northwest. Currently she continues schooling at the University of Washington but who knows where her spontaneous decisions will lead her in life. Art provides her with endless hours of amusement. Susie enjoys drawing, painting and taking photos. Please allow time for visual creativity to release itself.

Social Behavior:
Those displaying a similar sense of humor occupy her with hours of entertainment. She enjoys the company of interesting individuals that do not have a negative personality and can carry on engaging conversation. If permitted she will talk for long periods of time, ask follow up questions and tell jokes that she realizes aren’t funny halfway through.
WARNING: Lack of control over bursts of laughter, hasn’t quite mastered talking in a low voice, may induce awkward silences (accidentally of course). Be careful with her feelings; she is quite gullible and has been known to take comments literally.

Raised in an environment with few housemates, she sometimes feels claustrophobic and cornered into social situations. Please allow solitary time if needed, or asked for. One of her defining abilities is the use of flexibility to curl up in almost all sitting devices and fall asleep within eight and a half minutes. This trait controls crankiness during traveling. During ‘work mode’ her materials tend to slowly ebb outwards and eventually conquer more area than expected. Please note: lack of sleep may induce unresponsiveness, uncontrolled periods of laughter, and possible moodiness.

Susie is a habitual snacker and has plenty of experience with rummaging in pantries. Nearby food WILL disappear within her jaws never to be seen again. This omnivore is not picky about food. She loves fresh fruit and vegetables. Although she does not obsess about meat, she does savor the occasional steak, chicken breast etc. Her favorite protein provider is seafood. Most types of fish and shellfish indulge her appetite. Her snack of choice is popcorn and she appreciates the occasional handful of trail mix. She enjoys almost all cuisines but her favorite is Chinese food, especially dumplings and noodles.
WARNING: Avoid feeding her blue cheese, Ethiopian bread, and most meats that still look like the animal in question.

Thank you for visiting Susie, we hope you enjoyed the exhibit.

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